Uh ohhh..... The Housewarming Is Over

Sooooooo, you had a beautiful house warming and you are getting all settled in to your new place. You have the cable guys come, you make sure to have the modem placed in a position where the precious wifi can be equally distributed throughout your beautiful home and home ownership begins. Life is great as a new homeowner! As the weeks and months go on, you take pride in your new decorating skills and set out to buy all "new homeowner thingys". Things like a shovel, a push broom, new flower pots or maybe a lawn mower. You are realllllyyyy settling in nice. As soon as you feel that you have the hang of this homeowner thing.....upkeep appears!





No one mentioned upkeep in all the first time home buyer programs! Ohhhh noooo, no one talked about moldy caulk, changing HVAC filters correctly, cleaning grout lines, or regularly shining the beautiful hardwood flooring that was a must have. No one even hinted at dusting those beautiful ceiling fans or caulking around those beautiful granite, quartz, laminate or whatever counter tops. And although nothing is technically broke, you start to question why your home doesn't have that glamorous feel it had right before closing. 

Sooooooo, if you are wondering why you're not particularly proud of your home anymore....remember to invest in upkeep or maintenance. Quarterly upkeep can prevent your home from appearing run down and definitely help you avoid costly repairs. Before you throw to the wind the idea of keeping up....ask yourself how you feel when you get behind! For more information about maintenance visit www.carefreehomes-dmv.com.

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